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Costly Discipleship

Les Henson

Salvation is a gift offered to all people by the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, without any cost attached to it. However, becoming a true disciple of Christ requires making certain sacrifices. It involves giving up our own will and desires and submitting ourselves to the teachings of Christ. It requires the continual transformation of our lives and a commitment to living according to the gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

True discipleship is much more than just accepting the gift of salvation. It involves a willingness to follow Christ in every aspect of our lives, to strive to emulate his example and to serve others as he did. It requires living a selfless life, prioritising the needs of others before our own. Essentially, it entails giving up our lives, not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense.

Following Christ is a complex and challenging task. It requires us to overcome our weaknesses and confront the challenges and trials of being a disciple. However, the rewards of discipleship are immeasurable. By committing ourselves to Christ, we can find peace, joy, and fulfilment that cannot be found through other means. 

As we strive to become true disciples of Christ, we must be willing to make sacrifices. We are called to give up our desires and ambitions and submit ourselves to the will of God. We must be willing to live a life of selflessness, putting the needs of others before our own. By doing so, we can experience the love of Christ and become instruments in His hands to bless the lives of others.

The journey of discipleship is a lifelong process. It requires us to continually strive to overcome our weaknesses and sins and to become more like Christ. As we do so, we experience the blessings of Christ's gospel both in this life and in the future. So, let us seek to become true disciples of Christ, surrendering our will and desires and committing ourselves to follow Him.

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