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Beware of Narcissistic Individuals

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

In my experience, ‘narcissistic’ individuals are extremely difficult to relate to or work with because they are severely dysfunctional even when on the surface they appear to have it all together. They always want to run your life and have difficulty recognising and respecting your boundaries. They need to be in control, because the world they inhabit revolves around them, and no one else. Consequently, they find meaningful relationships difficult to maintain. When they are challenged or threatened in any way, the relationship will quickly turn toxic. They tend to blame problems on you or others rather than take responsibility for the problem themselves. They refuse to accept the facts of the situation even when many people affirm the reality of those facts because they can’t be wrong. Thus, they tend to leave a trail of damage behind them, so please beware of the narcissistic people you encounter in life.

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