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An Authentic and Faithful Presence

Les Henson

We live in a world full of injustice and turmoil. What does the church have to offer such a world? Is it possible for the church to engage the world, not to alienate the world's people or require them to become just like us? Are we capable of helping the wounded and the damaged, the poor and the oppressed with more than charity? Indeed, we will never achieve anything without an authentic and faithful presence in the world we are called to engage. When we speak of authentic and faithful presence, we refer to God's presence in the world and God's utilisation of his people as agents of the kingdom to make his kingdom concrete and known in a world that struggles with grief and pain. When the church lives out its authentic and faithful presence in the world, God's kingdom is manifest, and the world is encouraged to join with and draw close to God. An authentic and faithful presence enhances our lives as the people of God, and it is a quintessential means that God has chosen to transform the world.

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