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A New Way of Seeing the World

Les Henson

Conversion is not a matter of joining a particular church or a denomination, even if these institutions may have played a significant part in our coming to faith. Instead, it is about a new way of viewing and perceiving the world in which we live. It is about understanding the world from God's point of view instead of our own. It is about becoming fully human as a follower of Jesus Christ in God's world. Thus, it is about turning towards the God who knows us in Jesus Christ and desires that we enter into an intimate relationship with him and participate in his new community of faith in and for the world. This reorientation involves our location by God-in-Christ. It is characterised by faith, locating us in the world that's being reconciled to God. Also, it means that we as members of this new community are called to inhabit the world as agents of transformation, calling our fellow citizens to be reconciled to God in and through Jesus Christ by the power and work of the Holy Spirit.

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