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A Fresh Breeze of the Spirit

Les Henson

Sometimes we lose track of what life is really about, our lives are dull and routine, and we are in danger of mislaying God amid the business of life. At such times, I hope we begin to recognise that our lives must be enlivened by a fresh breeze of the Spirit. We need to reset our sails to catch the Spirit’s breeze, for without the Spirit, we can do nothing. The Spirit impart new life and revives the dry bones. The Spirit brings life and hope, liberty and truth, comfort and conviction of sin. The Spirit brings us fruits and gifts, developing character and releasing us for ministry. Lets us ask the Lord to send a fresh breeze of the Spirit into our lives so that we may love God afresh and have the grace to live each day according to the mind of Jesus, be empowered to overcome the evil one and do God’s work in the world in which we live.

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