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A Dead End

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Les Henson

We live in a world that promotes narcissism, self-orientation and self-centredness. However, it doesn’t matter whether we have fame, wealth or celebrity the end result is a dead end, resulting in emptiness. Our society teaches self-interest as one of the primary driving forces in life, but inevitably we end up making ourselves the centre of the universe rather than God.

Jesus critiques such a view of the world when he says, “Whoever wants to save his life must lose it” (Luke (9:24) because such a view of the world goes against the created order and the laws of the universe. The reality is that we were made for so much more. The idea that life is all about us is a false view of humanity. It is too small a view on life and far too egotistical. To pretend that life is all about us is just too limiting for it neglects the truth that a proper understanding of ourselves results in a love for God and our neighbour (Luke 10:27).

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