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A Culturally Embodied Word

The Bible is an integrated, unified written collection of a series of progressive revelations of God. Many of these were given in different cultural settings, yet this diversity of cultural context does not undermine the integrity of the message, which God communicates in his Word. However, it is in the incarnation that God, particularizes his communication in the person of Jesus Christ, and demonstrates once and for all how the Word of God must be incarnated, enfleshed, and embodied into each and every culture it enters, so that it may be understandable, relevant, and applicable to the culture in which it is communicated. Therefore, as we communicate the living, written, spoken, and lived out Word to people whose culture is significantly different from both that of the Bible and our own, it is necessary to ensure that it is done so in an embodied way that applies to the cultural context of the people concerned. Thus an understanding of the culture and social setting of the addressees is crucial.

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