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Running Wild (Poem)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Running wild upon the earth,

Distant days since their birth,

Turmoil reigned upon the shore,

The musicians played their loud encore.

Fear moved across the plain,

Dark clouds brought blood red rain,

Confusion ruled in the ancient land,

The warriors obeyed their Lord’s command.

Dancing madly upon the rock,

Maidens killed the tame peacock,

Chaos spilled over the mountain range,

The sorceress’ vengeful spells estrange.

Terror fell like rivers of blood.

Black mists cover the felled redwood.

Madness leaped across the plane,

The harpist played like a hurricane.

Leaping crazily across the fell,

Rebels tumbled into a watery hell,

Peace descended upon the rescued hoard,

The warriors praise their victorious Lord.

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