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The God of the Future, Not Just the Past

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Many people today see God as belonging to the past. Thus, God is often downgraded to the world of the mythological past, which supposedly has been superseded by the contemporary world of rationalism and science. Certainly, this is what some would lead us to believe as if God and science were in opposition as irreconcilable dualities. But, God is not so easily set aside, and contemporary rationalism has not supplanted humanities need of meaning and transcendence. Instead of locating God to the distant past, we need to appreciate that God is intrinsically connected to our future. God is already ahead of us. As the Alpha and Omega, he is Lord of both our past and future. As the One who created us, he spans the ages and holds all things together effortlessly. God waits for us and calls us forward into his eternal presence. This call is not a summons to return to the secure and predictable world of the past; rather it is an invitation to shape the world in the light of the kingdom that is already, but not yet!

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