Embracing the Way of Truth

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

The pursuit of truth is increasingly problematic at this present time because we can be so easily enthralled by the wisdom of the day and by those who come seemingly as angels of light. This is partly because doubt and suspicion are the order of the day and truth is no longer the natural bias of our generation. It is so easy to follow the prevailing culture down the road of relativism than to walk the way of truth because truth comes with demands as well as promises. Some Christian people find truth an embarrassment and an obstacle, as it requires them to live differently in a your truth and my truth generation. Yet, truth has to be embraced. It has to be welcomed and encapsulated into our very core of our being even when it challenges us profoundly. It is only as we embrace and submit to truth that it is no longer an outside authority, but rather truth as a way of life that determines the way we live and act each day of our lives.

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