A Befuddled Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

When life is faded and all joy as departed then it’s time to set aside our troubles and worries, and stop focusing on ourselves, and start concentrating on others while allowing God to have free access to our heart and mind. We can become so caught up in the tangled mess that is our life that we lose perspective and become befuddled. At such times, we must de-fuddle our heart and mind and look out beyond ourselves. Because we all have a propensity to allow all kinds of things that are unimportant to clutter up our lives. Thus, we need to reassess and prioritise regarding what is essential and what is not to declutter and get back to what is of real significance, which bestows meaning to our life. We need to learn to laugh again and allow joy to penetrate our heart. We must grant freedom to God’s Holy Spirit to re-enliven our spirit so that the peace of God may once again reign in our heart and mind. In so doing, we must quietly wait upon God to bring renewal to our life.

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