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Jesus, the Way of Life and the Way to Life

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Jesus did not come into this world as a moralist seeking to impose a moral code upon fallen humanity. Instead, Jesus came as the revealer of the nature of reality. In doing so, he reveals not only the nature and character of God but also the nature of life in the totality of its meaning. Life as it was intended to be before sin entered the world and disturbed its equilibrium. Jesus is the source of life and the way to life. The problem is that human beings look for life in the wrong places. Money, power, and sex will never be sufficient, if we are looking for such things for life and meaning, then we will inevitably be disappointed, and all our hopes will turn to dust. Jesus alone is the way to life, and following him is the only way of life that will ultimately satisfy all our hopes and longings. Because Jesus is the way to God and the one who restores equilibrium to a world that is both out of balance and out of sync with its Creator.

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