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Foundational Sources

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

We live in an age when it is so easy to fall into the trap of domesticating the message of the gospel to make it fit in with our self-serving interpretations that either legitimise the status quo, jump on to the latest neo-liberal bandwagon or even baptise some form of social injustice. Christian theology involves faith seeking understanding, with a determination to get at the heart of the gospel message by continually returning time and time again to its foundational sources in the Scriptures and the Early Church while taking Christian tradition and the cultural context that we inhabit seriously. These sources enable us to understand God from various perspectives while recognising the limited nature of our understanding and the mystery, which is God. They allow us to examine what we believe and to know what we don’t believe. They assist us in determining what we value and prioritise those values into a coherent lifestyle. They inform us on where to look for guidance and how we go about determining the direction of our lives. They help us in determining how we handle our differences, when we need to agree to disagree and when we should remain firm. They help us in knowing whom we can trust and those whom we respect. They also inform us how to worship, and ultimately how we can faithfully live out the gospel of truth, righteousness, and justice in our daily lives. These foundational sources are essential in a world that constantly bombards us with so many messages and influences that are destructive to a healthy faith and meaningful life as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

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