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An Inadequate Experience of God Impacts Our Engagement of the World

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

There appears to be something seriously wrong when neither our experience of God nor our experience of the church has adequately prepared us to creatively engage the world. Maybe it’s because the church is just so comfortable that it as left us with a vision of God that is less than disturbing. Consequently, it as blunted and inhibited our ability to meaningfully engage the world beyond the door of the church building. We have failed to understand that God is dangerous and uncomfortable to be around. As result, we live at peace with the world. So our experience of God is mediocre and our contact with the world is for our own pleasure, rather than the social transformation of the world. Because we have an inadequate vision of God, it is unimaginable that we should have a burden for the liberation of the world and its transformation. What we need is a fresh vision of God then maybe we might be encouraged to seriously engage the world and seek its transformatio

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