The Gift of a New Question or Questions

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Perhaps the best and most significant gift for a person belonging to a faith community seriously searching for meaning and truth in a world were meaning, and truth are in short supply, and also for a living tradition embedded within a community of faith is the gift of a new question. In each generation, we must be actively seeking the key question or the questions of our day. In one sense, our generation is no different from any other generation for we too must seek after the question or questions that it’s important that we grapple within our generation. Yet, in another sense, it is significantly different because this generation is part of a generation that is experiencing the most significant paradigm shift that has taken place in Western society in the past 500 years. This makes the question or questions we are called upon to engage just that little bit more important. Maybe the best way of describing our situation is to say that we are a generation in transition from the world of the Enlightenment to a post or even a post post-Enlightenment paradigm. We are in transition, and it is unclear when the transition ends and the new paradigm or the new way of seeing and understanding the world in which we live fully begins. Thus, the way we navigate this transition is of considerable importance for us, both individually and corporately as the people of God. I would suggest that as the church we are called upon to grapple with three interrelated questions that will determine the future of the church for generations to come. The three questions are: What is the gospel? What does it mean to be the church in this generation? And finally, how do we as the people of God engage the world in this generation?

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