Gone are the Days

Updated: 5 days ago

Gone are the days when we could sit comfortably in our homes believing that everything is well with the world that we inhabit. We only need to turn on the six o’clock news to be confronted with the daily carnage of fallen humanity. Home invasion, murder, rape, theft, spousal abuse, racism, neighbourhood disputes, and the bank crisis constantly flash across our TV screens like reruns of old movies. Politicians continually rubbish one another, while acting like petulant children in Parliament and during Question Time, so much for the so-called cradle of our democracy. Acts of terrorism, war, genocide, ethnic cleansing and famine enter our living rooms so regularly that we so easily become immune to the horror that confronts us. There is also much good in the world that we must not become blinded to because in the time between the times good and evil mingle together. We must strive for peace and justice, mercy and love as we await the coming of the kingdom in Jesus Christ.

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