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Sharing the Gospel in a Meaningful and Respectful Way

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Too often we, as Christian people, have many answers to questions that nobody is asking. When conversing with ordinary people in our communities, we often fail to listen or invite questions because we presume to have all answers to any and every question that people may be asking. The world is usually a very lonely place and people long for those who will patiently listen and take some time to understand both them and where they are coming from. So, instead, of offering meaningless retorts or endless solutions to unasked questions and unknown problems, maybe, we need to learn to listen and then listen some more. Let us be slow in speaking and even longer on listening. May we learn to take our time in building relationships and treat people with respect and dignity, and in the process earn their respect before we ever presume or even dare to speak and even then only when they permit us to do so. Maybe then we will be given the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus in a meaningful and respectful way.

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