Jesus Communicated the Gospel of the Kingdom in Context in a Contextual  and Appropriate Manner

Jesus didn’t use techniques or apply formulas but treated individuals as individuals and engaged them in context in a contextual manner. Now that’s important because people in a post-everything world and many groups and subgroups in our society are immune to modernistic approaches to evangelism. They sense and react against any attempt to make them an object of evangelism and rightly so. However, they do respond to real authentic engagement that comes out of real-life situations.

If you take the time to study how Jesus engaged various individuals in the Gospels, you will see that he engaged them in the context of life in an appropriate fashion. He never used a formulaic approach. Prime examples of this may be observed in the different ways Jesus engaged the Samaritan woman, Nicodemus, and the rich young ruler. He engages each of them in a completely different yet appropriate fashion. He takes seriously their different needs, personalities and backgrounds.

I have been a Christian for over fifty years and I have never seen two people come to Christ in exactly the same way. We have to be careful that we don’t fall into the trap of sharing the gospel in a way that cheapens the gospel. We must not become pedlers of cheap grace. Like, Jesus, we are required to treat people as people with respect and dignity rather than objects of evangelism. To do otherwise is a negation of the gospel we are called to communicate. Thus, we need to take context seriously and communicate the gospel in context in a contextual and appropriate manner. In so doing, the gospel never quite comes out the same way twice.

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