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Violence Against Women is Unacceptable!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Each and every day we turn on our TV sets we see the increasing violence in Australian society. A violence that takes many forms, such as the increased violence against women, particularly spousal or partner abuse – physical, emotional, and sexual, and we wonder, at least I do. What is the world now coming to? Certainly, it as always happened but are we now seeing an increase in violence against women? Why are men acting in such a brutal way? What is wrong with them? Why is our society failing in this way? I have no easy answers and I would be foolish to offer any simplistic solutions to such a complex issue. Perhaps, it is due to inadequate role models in men’s lives or the false idea that real men must show their authority and manliness with their fists? Could it be that it is an indication of men’s sense of frustration or inadequacy? I’m not sure. But, what I know for certain is that it is wrong and it must stop! I would also suggest that men should stand against it and openly declare it to be unacceptable. Maybe men should start wearing tee shirts stating, "Real men treat women with respect, dignity and equality.” Perhaps there should be a men’s movement to this effect. Certainly, all men, myself included, need to look at our lives for all elements or traits of sexism, misogyny and gender bias, etc. and openly repent of it, and covenant to do much better in the future. We must also hold one another accountable to do so. So where do I get my tee shirt! How can I bring about change?

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