Breaking Down the Barriers of Loneliness and Isolation

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

There are lots of lonely people within our communities. People whom for various reasons are isolated and alone, loneliness affects people of all ages and backgrounds it is indiscriminate in choosing its victims. Part of the reason for loneliness is the breakdown of traditional communities, the fragmentation of families, and our contemporary lifestyle. So, I believe it is important for us, as the people of God, to be creative in crossing barriers of isolation and loneliness, and be open and welcoming to all people irrespective of faith, creed, or background. Both individually and as a community, we must strive to build meaningful relationships with people in our local communities, workplaces, networks and social meeting points. We must befriend not only those who are easy to love and care for, but those who are difficult, friendless, and alienated for such is the kingdom of God. We must actively love in this way, not because we want people to join our faith community, albeit we must be open to that, but simply because we love them and care for them and desire that nobody should be lonely or isolated within our local and broader community. This is important when people are so easily cast aside and dumped upon the scrapheap of life. We as the people of God must be those who break-down the barriers of loneliness and isolation for we follow the one who cares for the downcast and the downtrodden.

Poem: Loneliness

In city, suburb and street behind locked doors lonely people dwell high fences create islands of inaccessibility imaginary barriers hinder meaningful exchange empty conversations deaden the heart poverty of the soul fosters seclusion inflamed isolation generates cycles of despair ……. loneliness, the exclusion of friendship, hope and love.

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