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Becoming Aware of Culture

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Culture is like the air we breathe we are not truly aware of it until something goes wrong. We are immersed in culture but rarely aware of it until we enter another culture or confronted with one different from our own. However, in a multicultural society like Australia, we need to become not only aware of culture but also conversant with the cultures or subcultures of the people we encounter on a daily basis. The more we become immersed in the culture of others. The more we learn to appreciate both them and their culture. Certainly, if we are to cross the barriers of culture, religion, and language with the good news of Jesus then, we must take each aspect of people’s lives seriously. This is equally true of the subcultures within our own community that are very close to our own for even the most subtle differences are important when it comes to building relationships and demonstrating our love for them. So let us seek to become observers of and immersed in the cultures of those we meet each day of the week.

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