God's Has Not Left Himself Without A Witness

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

If we believe that God is active in all the cultures and religions of the world and that God has not left himself without a witness then we can also assume that within each culture and religion there are aspects, instruments, or vehicles of God’s saving power. That was certainly true among the Momina people of West Papua whom I worked among for nineteen years. The dominant theme within Momina worldview was the theme of ‘Life’ and within that theme, there were about twenty associate motifs that had biblical parallels, which were instrumental both in the communication of the gospel and in establishing a biblical and theological foundation of the Momina faith. What we need to ask with respect to our own context is: What are the aspects, instruments, and vehicles that God has maintained and persevered in Australian post-Christian culture, religions and secularisations for his saving purpose?

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