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God’s Sneakily Sneaky Ways

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with life and the things that need doing each and every day that we easily lose sight of God. We become concerned with the minutia of life that God gets pushed aside. During these times, we might still have our quiet-times or practise spiritual disciplines but to all intentionality, we are simply going through our motions. Often, in the midst of these times, it’s hard to drag ourselves out of the spiritual lethargy in which we are ensconced. Sometimes the cycle is broken when God sneakily sneaks up on us and grabs our attention. In retrospect, our attention is grabbed by something quite insignificant. It might be a child’s smile, a friendly dog, a wonderful view, a glorious sunset, one-line in a really boring sermon, an expression of love, a friend’s caring concern, it really doesn’t matter what it is but all of a sudden God has our attention again and we are suddenly back on track. The important thing in such moments is that we recognise that God is at work in those very ordinary and seemingly inconsequential events when God sneakily sneaks up on us and grabs our attention. So let us be open to God’s sneakily sneaky ways.

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