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A Cockeyed View of Salvation Expand Upon

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Salvation involves forgiveness of sin and personal salvation. Yet it is much more expansive than this alone as many conservatives sometimes seem to imply. It includes: the renewal and restoration of the whole of creation; the tearing down of all structures and powers that hold people and creation itself in bondage; the re-conforming of our thinking, worldview and identity to mind of Christ in all areas of life; the overturning of all injustices and the alleviation of poverty; the reconciling of all things and all relationships (God, ourselves, others and creation); the reconciling and restoration of everything that has been defaced and distorted in the fall; etc., etc.; and all this takes place in this world and ultimately in the next. We must overcome the idea that salvation is all about us. In one sense, we are not that important and yet in another sense, we are at the heart of God’s work of salvation, liberation, reconciliation, and redemption for that we must be truly thankful.

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