Committed to Missional Deeds

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Missional church communities have an indescribable quality about them in that they are committed to living out the gospel in a way that whispers to your spirit. A missional community may not be perfect, but the active presence of the Spirit can be felt, bringing renewal, growth, and transformation both within the church and in the world. The Manila Manifesto states that, “We are called today to [an],,, integration of words and deeds. In a spirit of humility we are to preach and teach, minister to the sick, feed the hungry, care for prisoners, help the disadvantaged and handicapped, and deliver the oppressed. While we acknowledge the diversity of spiritual gifts, callings and contexts, we also affirm that good news and good works are inseparable.” A missional community is a relational community of the kingdom, the alternative community with an eschatological nature, which embraces and incarnates kingdom values as well as being instrumental in God's strategy for promoting his kingdom in this world.

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