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Control Freaks

Over the years, I have come across my fair share of control freaks in the church and in mission contexts both at home and overseas. It’s my experience that they can be very destructive whatever context we find them. They suck the energy out of the church or mission, which they are involved in and leave carnage behind them, particularly in the lives of those who have to work in close proximity to them or under their leadership. All the control freaks I have been unfortunate to know and experience have been extremely manipulative and have had a fair dose of narcissism to go along with it. Their need to control causes them to ride roughshod over people because their own needs take priority ahead of the needs or concerns of those around them. Certainly, the control freak needs psychological help but woe be tide the one who suggests this. Yet, the control freak needs help in dealing with their problems and their need to control must be confronted, but how to do this is a real issue. My only advice is that this issue must be raised by a group of people who recognise the problem and have the person’s long-term wellbeing at heart. Ultimately, they need professional help in treating these very serious issues.

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