Accepting that Life is Difficult

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

“Life is difficult,” says Scott Peck, and the sooner we accept that reality the better. The idea that life should be all sunshine and light is unrealistic. Many people consider that they have a right to happiness but when things go wrong they have no way of dealing with it or of processing it. Maybe part of the problem is that this generation is highly focused on their rights with little or no concept of responsibilities. If the focus is on rights then along with that come the presumption that they are entitled to a happy and easy life. However, life owes nobody anything. To have a meaningful life we must each learn to accept that life involves the good and the bad, adversity as well as blessings. It is this combination that causes us to grow and develop character. If life is always smooth sailing than we learn very little and we fail to prepare ourselves for those times when life is hard and difficult.

#LifeisDifficult #Hardship #Rights

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