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Renewal and Expansion are Often Accompanied by New Spiritual Dynamics or Recontextualised Forms of S

Renewal and expansion are often accompanied by new spiritual dynamics or recontextualised forms of spirituality. New spiritual dynamics frequently prove to be an underlying cause of renewal and expansion, such as: The small group activity of the Moravians; the lay mobilisation of the Faith Mission; the study of the Scriptures during the Reformation; the new hymnody of the Wesleyan Movement; and the use of spiritual gifts within the Pentecostal Movement, etc. Examples of renewal and expansion resulting from recontextualised forms of spirituality, include: The Jerusalem Councils recontextualised the gospel form of spirituality for both Jews and Gentiles, and Wycliffe and Huss’ emphasis on the use of the vernacular languages in the translation of the Scriptures, etc.

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