Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Why do so many Christian people have real problems over the issue of doubt? It seems to me that, as a community of God’s people, we are not allowed to have, think or express doubt in any way shape or form, because, of the fear of what other believers will think of us or because of the belief that doubt as no place in the Christian life. We seem unable to leave room for it. Thus, this inability diminishes us. Doubt and uncertainty are the stuff of life. Doubt is not a hindrance to a healthy Christian life, rather it is essential if our faith is to grow, flourish, and develop, particularly in times of trial and difficulty. A faith untested by doubt is shallow and untried. Likewise, unless we think through our doubts our faith is not our own. If we ignore our doubts and pretend we have none. We lose the opportunity to develop a proper confidence, a deeper faith, and a more biblical certainty.

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