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Over Religious People Get Up My Nose!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I really don’t like over religious people who continually use religious language at the most inappropriate times. They just get up my nose. Many years ago a friend and I were having a round of golf and were joined by a fortyish-year-old man whom we had never met before. When we had reached the third green, I realise that this was going to be an interesting round. When he hit a reasonably good shot and said, ‘Praise the Lord’ in a quiet but audible voice. My friend and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. Two holes on he hit a really bad shot and said, in a little bit louder voice, ‘Praise the Lord.’ My friend and I noted this but said nothing and continued to play. At the next hole, he hit a fairly good shot and exclaimed, ‘Halleluyah’ in a much louder voice than before. This continued for several holes still he received no response from my friend or myself we just kept playing golf. By this time we realised that this stranger was trying to start up a religious conversation and this was his way of trying to do so. He wanted to witness to my friend and I. Unbeknown to him my friend and I were former overseas missionaries and committed Christians. After a while, he became a bit agitated and increasingly frustrated that he couldn't have the kind of conversation he was seeking. So he tried a different tack. He mentioned that he was going to go to a particular church at the weekend. Still, he got no response. Although he was getting nowhere his ‘Halleluyah’s’ and ‘Praise the Lord’s’ increased in volume and his attempts at provoking a religious conversation increasingly became less subtle. As we were walking back to the clubhouse at the end of our round I turned to him and said, ‘A better way to witness would have been to simply be friendly and let your life speak for you.’ My friend and I then said our goodbyes and went our separate ways leaving this man to ponder what just happened.

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