Hyper-Spirituality and Its Causes

For many years, I have been frustrated, annoyed and at times extremely unsympathetic towards those wonderful but scary Christians who are hyper-spiritual. However, more recently I have become much more sympathetic, not because I think such a state to be healthy or to be encouraged but rather because I am beginning to understand more clearly one of its root causes. Many hyper-spirituals go to church on Sunday for their weekly fix of hyper-spiritual and hyper-charismatic worship simply because many of their daily activities, work and leisure etc. are largely meaningless. The reason for this is that they have never learnt or been able to integrate their faith into their daily lives. Yet this is not entirely their own fault because the church in the West. Australia included, has failed to teach, assist or help ordinary Christian people think through and integrate their daily life and activities into their faith. Consequently many have a real disconnect between what they do on a Sunday in the Church and what happens in the workplace, at home and during their leisure activities. Everything we do has an impact on our faith and our faith should have an impact on everything we do. As Abraham Kuyper said a hundred years ago, there is not an inch of life or this world that Jesus cannot say mine. If Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives then every area of life should be under his lordship. Thus we should work as a community of faith to help each of God’s people to make that a constant reality. Then there would be no need for any of God’s people to hide under a veil of hyper-spiritual.

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