Living in the Moment

Many of us find it difficult to live in the moment. We are so taken up with things that are going on around us that we miss the important things in life. We become distracted by peripheral aspects of life and don’t recognise those moments that can never be redeemed. Perhaps it is time to start cherishing the moment, the next seven seconds of our short-term memory which flashes by in an instant. How we spend those next seven seconds will indicate if we are there in the moment or not. Are we listening and really paying attention, to our wife or husband, to our children or grandchildren, to our neighbour or the person we meet on the street? If we miss those moments they can never be reclaimed. It is so easy to go through life and not really experience it because we are never quite in the moment. We need to learn to stop and smell the flowers, to stop and watch the sunset, to be present in that conversation and to observe our children or grandchildren growing up. If we don’t we will get to the end of our lives and only then realise how much we have missed.

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