Time to Stop and Reflect

Updated: Mar 27

Life can be so busy with hardly any time to stop and think. We rush here and there at an alarming pace. Our schedules are jam-packed with few or no gaps. It is hardly surprising that our lives are so unproductive and often lack meaning. It might just be time to slow down, to stop and think about the things that matter most in our lives. Rather, than hurtling along at such an alarming pace.

Doing more does not equate with greater productivity nor does it equate with greater fulfilment or meaning in life. We need to make the space within our schedules to slow down and stop. Taking the time to reflect and meditate upon that, which is vital to our wellbeing, and those we love. We need space to build meaningful relationships rather than constantly passing like ships in the night. It was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Let us take time to work through who we really want to become and who God would have us be. We may think that we have plenty of time for such things when we get a little bit older but time passes so fleetingly that the only time we have in reality is the present.

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